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Welcome to my World of Art!

When I began quilting in 2015, I took over a space in my home - now affectionately called, "Milla's World," by my husband.  Unlike most art studios you might imagine, my studio isn’t filled with brushes and paint. Instead, it is jam-packed with a sewing machine, fabrics, and threads of all colors!

Thread Art Wall Hangings

See the detail in each work

 “Milla’s work is absolutely amazing.  She is a true artist” – Audrey L.

“Milla is amazing! She is such a creative Artist, I love absolutely everything” – Larisa G.

“Every stitch you make is a stitch to creating another piece of art from your heart! Your work is precise and detailed and worthy of more than can be expressed with words. Magnificent!” – Linda G.

“I find Milla’s works of art to be captivating and thought provoking! Love it!" – Diane C.